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Skilled pruning is both an art and a science. Pruning performed by a trained and qualified Arborist can enhance the beauty, safety, and function of trees in the landscape. We specialize in the care and maintenance of trees in Hawaii.

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We have the experience and track record to take on even the most daunting of removal projects. Tree removal often involves dangerous work around valuable property with lots of opportunity for error if not done professionally with the right equipment and experience. We are the team to call in Hawaii.

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Planting trees can be hugely rewarding as well as a great long term investment. We can assist with the selection, planting and ongoing care of your newly planted tree(s). 

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clients & trees

International Marketplace Banyan

Since late 2016, Oahu Tree Works, LLC has been involved in the maintenance and care of the Indian Banyan tree (F. benjamina) at the International Marketplace. Our work is primarily focused on the pruning of this iconic tree. A feat our skilled team performs at night under the glow of headlamps and tree lighting. 

Kohala Zipline

OTW has been working with Kohala Zipline since 2013. Our work involves the maintenance and ongoing management of the large Eucalyptus and Ironwood trees that are integral to the Zipline. We use our extensive climbing experience to access the large trees and perform work with the goal of ensuring safety and enjoyment of those on course.

The Outdoor Circle

OTW has teamed up in the past with the Outdoor Circle (North Shore Chapter) to care for some of the valuable trees in our landscape (Exceptional Earpood, Waialua Library) and assist with community projects like maintaining the view plane at the Waimea Bay bluff. 

Oahu Ave. Sandbox tree

OTW has been pruning the Sandboox (H. creptans) an Exceptional Tree located on Oahu Ave. in Honolulu since 2010. The care and maintenance of Exceptional Trees requires permits, a Qualified Arborist and signed approval from the Arborist Advisory Committee of the City and County of Honolulu.

Foster Botanical Garden

In 2013 OTW was involved in pruning over 120 trees at the Foster Botanical Garden, a large number of those being Exceptional Trees on the C&C Register. 

Kahi Mohala

The Kahi Mohala campus in Ewa Beach is filled with large beautiful trees that have been carefully managed by the OTW staff over the past several years. 


Jon Perry


Jon has been climbing and working with trees since 2004. He has a passion for the tree care industry and arboriculture. When he's not working outdoors he is surfing, reading and hanging out with his beautiful daughter Ava.  


  • Certified Tree Hugger #001
  • "Doesn't need a Thneed"
  • Hated by the Once-ler 

The Lorax keeps us grounded. When we get too big for our britches, or too ambitious for our own good he wakes us up. 

Chad Ventura

Chad joined OTW in 2017 and has extensive experience in the Landscape industry in Hawaii. Chad brings his drive and passion to help manage our teams in the field. 

Brandon Abrojena

Brandon is a world class Tree Climber and Arborist. He's been working in the Tree Industry for more than a decade. He's truly one of the best in this field and we're fortunate he's part of our amazing team. 

Zach Greve

Zach comes from the Railroad industry where long hours and hard work are the norm. He brings his attention to detail and great work ethic to enhance our team. 


Omme 2750RXJ (90FT Spiderlift)

This incredible machine allows us to work safely and efficiently in even the most challenging access situations. With over 90 ft. of reach and 52ft. of side reach this machine truly is in a league of it's own. 

Altec 75FT Aerial Lift

This is no ordinary bucket truck. With a telescoping elevator and the ability to 'go over center' this truck gives our amazing team lots of options. 

Gehl AL540

How many branches can one person lift? About 1/20 of what this machine can do! We save our backs and get more work done doing it. 

Boxer 532DX

With the ability to fit through a 36" backyard gate, this incredible machine gives us versatility and improves efficiency on a weekly basis!

Italmec R21 (70FT Spiderlift)

With reach of almost 70Ft and the ability to go through a 36" gate this machine helps our crews work safe where others can't. 

Woodsman 15X Chippers

These chippers are incredibly tough, simple and hungry. We can chip logs a foot! (12-inches) in diameter and do it all day long. 


Tree work is inherently dangerous and requires professional training, licensing and insurance. The following are important documents our clients or potential clients may use to verify our credentials.

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